I am a man with autism

I am autistic.

I don’t have a personality disorder, nor do I have a diagnosis.

My autism spectrum disorder is not the problem.

Autism is a spectrum disorder.

My life is not my fault.

I’m a person with a disability.

It’s not like I’m someone who is always right.

And, my life isn’t perfect.

But it is the most perfect life I’ve ever known.

That’s why I want to do something to help others with autism.

This is my plan for career development.1.

Learn the skills to create value for myself and others.

I’ve found that the best way to create valuable things is to learn them.

This process is called value creation.

Learning to create things is one of the most valuable skills an autistic person can have.2.

Develop a sense of accountability and self-worth.

Autistic people are often afraid to admit they are wrong.

This fear prevents them from making a conscious decision to change their behavior or behavior to help other people.

If I can make a conscious choice to change my behavior to support people, they will realize that they can too.3.

Find the value in helping others.

As a person who has autism, it’s easy to feel isolated and feel worthless.

The best way I can help others is to be in their shoes.

I want them to feel like they have a stake in my success.4.

Learn to value myself.

If a person is autistic, they often experience isolation.

But they don’t know how to learn to value themselves.

I hope that this book will help them learn to see themselves as an equal in the world.

They will learn how to value their own worth.5.

Learn how to find success.

It may seem difficult to make a career for yourself, but there are lots of great career paths for autistic people.

I will share the stories of some of my best-known autistic entrepreneurs.6.

Learn about other autistic people and the world around them.

The more autistic people you meet, the more opportunities you’ll find for connecting with people from all backgrounds.

Development Is Supported By

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