The Kids Who Play is a Band of Kids Who Learn to Play, by Lisa M. Pappas and Michael J. Wirth, published by National Geographic News title The First Time They Started Playing: The Story of the Kids Who Started Playing, by Mina M. Tzeng and Andrew M. Hirsch, published in Science News

This story is part of National Geographic Kids Who Work series.

The first time I met a group of kids I didn’t know was when I started to teach them how to play guitar.

For the first time, I noticed how their enthusiasm was contagious and the joy in their faces when I told them I was teaching them.

I was surprised by how much fun they had, how much they had enjoyed playing, and how much I loved having them as my students.

I also noticed that the joy they had for each other and their families was just as important.

When I started teaching them to play the guitar, I thought about all the amazing things that have happened since.

I thought that I was going to bring joy to all of them and that my work would bring joy back to them.

It was then that I realized that the greatest joy I could bring to them was by creating and teaching them how I felt.

They loved their families.

They were so excited to be learning and excited to play.

And they were so grateful for me for having given them such joy and love.

I had to teach myself to love them.

This is the story of how I learned to love and be loved, and of how the joy I brought to my students helped shape my own life and work.

What was the experience like teaching them?

The kids came to me with a lot of questions and they all seemed to have a similar story to tell me.

I wanted to help them feel as though they could share what they learned with me, so I invited them to come into my studio for a one-on-one interview.

I invited a handful of my students to share their story, and then I had them write down what they had learned from me.

We had a discussion about how to best approach the kids and how to find out about what the kids are interested in learning and what they’re excited about.

I asked each of them to tell their story to me, and I would explain to them why they loved the school and the teachers.

The next day, I asked my students what their biggest goal was for the coming year and I’d ask them what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives.

When they finished writing down their story and I asked them to explain to me what their major goals were, I would then give them an outline of what they could do in their career.

They all seemed excited about this.

I felt really honored to hear their stories and was proud of the work they were doing.

I didn’st want to hear anyone say, “This kid is great, she should have done this,” or “She should do this,” because I felt like the kids were going to do great things.

I loved seeing them succeed, because they were getting it right.

I saw the children grow and mature.

I heard them speak and understand, and they were teaching me how to do the same.

My students really embraced this, because it was so freeing to see them grow and understand and learn.

What lessons did you learn?

The first thing I noticed was that they all had great goals and it was exciting to hear about them.

When we had the children in my studio, I had the opportunity to ask them, “What are your biggest goals for the year?”

I asked if they had any goals for their careers or if they wanted a break from it all.

They responded by telling me that they wanted more love, money, and recognition.

I knew what to expect, and what to do.

They said that they would love to get to know their family and they would be able to give back to their community by getting their hands dirty and helping out.

What were some of the lessons you learned?

The second lesson I learned was that it was all about giving back.

Every student’s story was different, but all of the students had something that I wanted them to know.

They wanted to be seen as valuable members of their communities.

I told my students that it’s all about making a difference in people’s lives.

I said, “You are the first generation of kids that I’ve had the pleasure of teaching to play, so every time you play, you’re giving something back.

The kids really understood this, and the students were thrilled to share that with me.

They didn’t want to just be a kid anymore.

They started giving back because they wanted people to know that they cared about their communities and were giving back for the world.

The third lesson I got was that all of my work was not just teaching, it was also teaching them the values of teamwork, hard work, and love for

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