How to make money online: How to build your own web development company

A new book on the economics of the digital revolution has been hailed as a “must-read” by some as it examines how to take control of your digital future, but critics say it is a “fad” that has failed to provide real advice.

The book by Canadian startup Kaholberg Moral Development (KMD) is a compilation of advice on everything from “how to start your own development company” to how to make a living off your own website.

It was first published by HarperCollins Canada last year, and is now being offered as a free ebook by Macmillan.

But while the book was praised by critics, it has been lambasted by some for its simplistic and often inaccurate advice.

“KMD is the only book on this subject that has not been vetted,” said David Laskin, founder of, a website where people post their thoughts on the subject.

“It’s so lacking in practical advice that it has left people feeling like they are stuck.”

Some of the problems raised in the book include the fact that “most of the book is a bit vague, or vague enough to be easily ignored by someone who doesn’t have any expertise in the field,” he added.

“The biggest mistake in this book is that it’s too simplistic.”

The book also has some glaring problems, including a section on “building your own Web development company,” which states that “the process is easy, the time it takes is short and the payoff is great.”

And while it makes a number of recommendations on how to get started, the book states that a “web developer must have some programming skills and a basic understanding of how the Internet works” before starting.

“If you’ve never done anything related to the Web, this is probably the wrong book to get you started,” Laskins said.

The authors also make some incorrect assumptions about the industry, such as the belief that “web development is about building websites and apps,” and “web developers have a low overhead.”

“They also think that if you’re a freelancer you’ll get a quick return on your investment,” Liskins added.

While KMD recommends that freelancers work from home to save money, “the vast majority of freelancers who start freelancing are doing it because they’re in need of a job,” he said.

“They’re just not doing it for the long haul.”

In fact, the company says that over 70 per cent of freelancing clients are “independent contractors,” which is a far cry from the “full-time job” they say it promotes.

“Most people who start freelance work at the beginning of their careers are not really independent contractors,” said KMD’s director of operations, Chris Brown.

“There are lots of people who are freelancers, but their clients are often people who already have an established business and want to hire someone new to work for them.”

Laskinson added that many people who do freelance work have the “right skills and the right mindset” and have no need for a company.

“For most people, their main focus is on their personal development, and their business is to make as much money as possible, while they’re on the job,” said Laskings.

“I’m sure that many freelancers want to make it big, but if you look at it in the context of the average working adult, most people don’t want to be a freelancing freelancer.”

Brown also pointed out that the book recommends that “you can make $5,000 a year.”

“It says that it takes one year to build a website and $10,000 to develop an app, but it says that the costs are $6,000 per year,” he explained.

“That’s just not true.”

KMD is offering the ebook for free to anyone who wants to download it.

However, Lasking said the company has received complaints from freelancers that they are being asked to pay $1,000 or more for the ebook, even though the book says that “it’s not required.”

The company has also been criticized for the fact it has only one paid client in Canada, and not in the US.

“We have a lot of clients who don’t have an option to pay, so we’re just trying to give them the information that they need to make their decision,” Brown said.

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