What are the top six goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2020?

We asked our experts to pick the six goals that will shape our world’s future.

They answered with their top picks, and some were left with the feeling that we shouldn’t be surprised if some of them don’t live up to the lofty expectations we had for them.

Below are the six big goals the UN set out to achieve:A.

Build a sustainable, equitable and inclusive society.

The Sustainable Development Goal 1.

Achieve the Sustainable Development goals by 2030, without compromising human dignity and social equity.

Achievement 1: Achieve a sustainable and equitable society is the first goal, with 1 billion people living under the poverty line by 2030.

The second is to eliminate the scourge of child and maternal mortality, which causes one in three of all maternal deaths to be related to the effects of poverty.


Create an inclusive and inclusive workforce.

A goal of 1 billion is a lot of work to achieve, especially when it comes to women and girls.

But the UN has been working hard to reach out to the female workforce, and to the women of the world, to get them to embrace the UN’s Sustainable Development goal.

In addition to increasing the share of women in leadership roles, the organization has been advocating for women to be recognized as key partners in economic development.

This goal is a step toward this goal, but a major challenge is the lack of women-friendly policy frameworks in developing countries, as well as the absence of policies that provide for the full empowerment of women, and for equal pay and access to education.


End poverty and inequality.

Bid for inclusive, inclusive societies that address the root causes of poverty and disadvantage.

This means addressing inequality in a holistic way, without discrimination against women, people of color, LGBT people, and women in other marginalized groups.

This requires a shift from the economic development model that prioritizes capital and market expansion, which has the potential to be a source of structural disadvantage for people of all backgrounds.

The UN also needs to focus on the economic empowerment of people and communities in poverty and the provision of social services.

A successful economy is also the foundation of a healthy society, and there are many indicators that this is the case.

For instance, while more than 60 percent of the developing world’s population is undernourished, more than 30 percent of people in the world’s poorest countries live in extreme poverty, according to the UN.

These extreme poverty conditions have led to the most severe and rapid decline of health in the developed world.

A healthy society also requires sustainable economic development, which means that countries need to focus their efforts on increasing the use of sustainable technologies, such as energy efficiency and green building, as part of an overall strategy.

A sustainable economy also means that people have access to a quality of life that is equal to or better than that enjoyed by the rich, and that is a critical prerequisite for sustainable development.


Reduce inequality.

Achieving the Sustainable Goals 1.4 is a milestone, but we still don’t have a clear idea of how we will achieve it.

As the UN continues to work to meet the goals, the challenge is to reduce inequality, and we need to move beyond the idea of equal opportunities, and look at more concrete ways to achieve it, like ensuring that all children receive the same opportunities.

The global economy is already on track to reduce the gap between rich and poor, but it also has the opportunity to make a significant contribution to reducing inequality.

One of the biggest challenges is that the global economy currently is dominated by a few major countries.

The richest 1 percent of households in the U.S. alone have more wealth than the bottom 90 percent of families in the country.

This is an unfair imbalance that needs to be addressed.

A second challenge is that there are only so many resources available in the developing worlds, and it is difficult to reach these people if they don’t already have access.

We have to think about all the ways we can help to reduce poverty and poverty-related diseases and make sure that they have access, and are able to reach their potential.

A third challenge is finding ways to engage people in development.

We need to take into account the fact that poverty is not a problem of a particular place, but of a country.

For example, in the Philippines, which is one of the most vulnerable countries, there are more than 300,000 people living in poverty, which translates to around two children.

And the poorest country in the region, Mozambique, has one of Africa’s highest levels of child poverty.

We are in the midst of a global crisis, and the United Nations is uniquely positioned to help the world tackle this challenge, because of its vast geographical reach.

A goal of 200 million by 2030 means that we can meet this challenge.

Development Is Supported By

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