How Israel’s rural development lending program helped rural villages escape foreclosure

A farmer from southern Israel says he has secured a loan from the Israeli government for $100,000 that will allow him to start farming, after losing his land in a massive housing project in the Negev Desert.

The farmer, whose name has not been released, is currently working in a field in an arid area, near his home.

According to the farmer, he has been in debt since 2010 and was forced to sell his farm in 2014.

His loan covers the cost of the land and a small amount of rent for the previous two years.

The loan is meant to provide land for agricultural research and farming.

“I was hoping to get a loan, but it was only $10,000,” said the farmer.

I will work for free. “

Now I have a loan to start the farm, I have some food in my fridge and I am growing vegetables.

I have been working with a local farmer who is also struggling. “

But it will not be easy.

I have been working with a local farmer who is also struggling.

We are working on irrigation, but we will need money for rent and fertilizer.”

The farmer’s farm was located in the northern Negeve region of the Neckar region.

The agricultural area is located on an area called the Golan Heights, and is an area where the two sides have fought a civil war since 1967.

According a 2014 report by the United Nations, the area is home to around 50,000 Israeli civilians, and over 2.6 million Palestinian civilians.

The Israeli military occupied the area in 1967 and later withdrew from it in 2014 after the Palestinian Authority was formed.

The government of President Reuven Rivlin recently agreed to the establishment of an Israeli state on the Gordan Heights, which would allow Israel to extend its military presence over the area, including in the occupied West Bank.

Since then, the country has increased military presence in the area.

“We were able to get our land back after a military operation in 2010, but after the war, we had to leave our home,” the farmer told The Jerusalem Times.

“When the government announced that we would not be allowed to leave, I was so afraid.

I was a farmer, and I had a family.

We had no choice. “

The government has been trying to force us to leave since 2014.

We had no choice.

We have a right to live here, we have a land.

We cannot leave our land.

It is an honor to work for the government.”

The farm, named El Bireb, will produce food for the local community, according to the farm’s website.

El Biringb is located in an area known as the Nekeh-Zavor agricultural region, which is in the southern Negevin region.

A small population of 60 families live there.

“El Biringm will help us to produce the necessary food for our community, while we will also support our community in their fight against the eviction,” the website reads.

The site is currently being updated with information on the loan.

The farmers website states: “We have been in this area for over 100 years, and we have been given the right to stay and cultivate this land.

Now we will be able to grow our crops, produce food and give our community a chance to survive.”

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