Film-makers develop kit for community development organisation

The community development corporation of South Australia has developed a kit for making films.

Key points:The community development team is working with local community and local government to develop the kitsFilm-makers are hoping to make the kits available to the community at a later dateFilm-maker’s film studio will distribute the kitsThe kits will be available to people who can’t afford to buy themFilm-creator David Smith says the community needs them for its film productionCommunity development organisations are keen to help the community develop its own films, and it has been hard for them to get funding for films that are not commercially viable.

“If you’re making a film that’s not commercially available, then you’re probably not going to make much money off it,” Mr Smith said.

“We’re going to need the community to help fund it, to fund community-based production, so we can get this film going.”

Mr Smith’s film-making studio, Finca Films, is a community-funded film-maker and community-organiser, and is currently producing films about Aboriginal culture and heritage.

“When you’re working in the community and you’ve got to come up with your own way of making a movie, you’re never going to be able to afford to make it commercially,” he said.

The community-development team is also working with community and state governments to develop a set of film-development kits that can be used for community-led development of projects.

Mr Smith said he hoped that with the community-driven development of film production, community funding for film-makers would increase.

“The community needs to get involved in the process to get things moving,” he explained.

“I think we’re at the stage where the community is actually making some of the films we need to make, and I think that will allow us to make more films.”

Community development has been a huge challenge for community funding, and Mr Smith is hoping to see more funding for the organisation.

“Our job is to help make the community more successful and we need help,” he added.

“This film-funding initiative, and that funding, will help us to really make that happen.”

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